Super Nova

Super Nova wall art. Glass and oak. H: 45 cm x D: 7 cm x W:40 cm. Super Nova is one of the most powerful forces...

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Snow Flake

      Snow Flake by vanessa bunet and beau anderson .   7x1cm  on a silver chain.   Please email...

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Beau Sun

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Diamond from the Gnarled Tree

Amazing soft glass tree scupture made by beau on December 2012. The trunk is made from the furnace  at Ed...

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$in galery

Green Dancer

this idem can be found at Boswell Mourot Fine Art Gallery This is a fine art gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas,...

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Arkansas Craft School

Soft Glass Sculpture This workshop is intended for intermediate to advanced flame workers who wish to expand into...

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clear gymnaste (SOLD)

This item is sold. You can still order this item.  This is hand made so it will be a bit different each time, but...

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