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I was born in decembre 1979,next to Paris. In 2002, I received a diploma in merchandising ,but really wanted to get into jewelry . And by chance I visited “Guégan Perles”, a small familly business of glass beadmakers. I became quickly addicted to flameworking. I learned to make all sorts of beads, cabochons working with the Venitian techniques, that means working on copper mandrels that are then dissloved into nitric acid. During these few years I mostly worked for the Haute Couture, designers, museums, etc .

The company closed in 2005 because of the competion with Asia. I continued to practice more than ever. In 2006, I became a member of the Association des Perliers d’Art de France (French Association of Glass beadmakers) and also took a class in fine jewerlry, at the Ecole du Louvre (School of the Louvre) Paris. In 2008, I met Beau Anderson, who was on his way to teach in Germany. Since then, we live,work and teach together this ancient Art. We teach classes in Europe, USA and anywhere else. Teaching together means that we can give a special and individual attention to each student during the class.

In 2015 I won the prestigious title “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” ( One of the Best workers in France). The competion was opened for the first time to the  artistic glass bead.

What an honnor! What a happyness!  

2 thoughts on “About Vanessa

  1. Serez-vous prochainement dans un lieu où je pourrai acheter une de vos pièces dans le région parisienne ?
    Amitiés .
    M.Ferrri .

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