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techniques de verre a la flamme

– Control de la chaleur et de la gravite

-Travail des differentes formes de base

– Utilisation des outils de base

– Tirer des fils + application:

– la plume
– trancher
– ratisser
– peigner en spiral
– peigner en Z ,
– serpenter
– pincer
– croisements

– Déplacement de motifs

– Canes torsadees :
2 couleurs et +

– Canes complexes +
differentes applications

– Rubans plats + applications

– Murrines + applications

– Recouvrements de transparent :
en masse , en bobine , en drappe , en zone

-Travail des points :

– application en symétrie
-Points en relief – Points fondus
– tensions de surface
– écailles
– stratifications
– points peignés
– regard de côté

– Masking ( masquage )

– Perles courbees
– Perles multiples

-Inclusions et travail avec les métaux :
feuilles d’argent, feuilles d’or, aventurine

– Couleurs en reductions

– Utilisation de frits, et poudres de verre

– Cabochons et travail en moule

– Utilisation de la tungsten

– Pendentifs (sans mandrin)

Stages en France
Classes in France


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Stage en France 15 et 16 Novembre 2014-Class in France


Bonjour! J’offrirai un nouveau stage a l’Age du Verre à Chilly-Mazarin (91) samedi 15 et dimanche 16 Novembre 2014. Ce stage sera de niveau intermédiaire à confirmé et nous travaillerons sur la précision des décors, travaillant avec des fils, points, canes torsades, murrhines, enrobage, etc. Nous travaillerons sur des perles de différentes formes bien sûr mais aussi sur cabochons et boutons et utiliserons le mandrin en tungstene dont Beau Anderson est l’inventeur! L’atelier est équipé de chalumeaux minor, mid-range, et alpha bethlehem et de 2 concentrateurs par poste. De quoi bien chalumer!!

Tarif: 210 euros la journée, verre inclus et outillage à disposition
Horaires: de 9H00 à 17H00 avec une pause déjeuner d’1 heure.

Prévoyez votre déjeuner, il y a frigo et four à micro-ondes dans la cuisine.
Je suis à votre disposition pour tout renseignement, n’hésitez pas!
Au plaisir de vous rencontrer!!

N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour tout renseignement par email ou par téléphone au 04 73 52 47 97 ou 06 64 64 86 33
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Liquid Core technique classes and tool.

2013 feb fr tungstonimplode1

Beau Tungston Disk

In this class we will be making beads on tungsten instead of on a mandrel with bead release. Beau Anderson will teach a new way to achieve highly detailed disks without the looming problem of the bead release breaking free. Beau has seen and felt the limitations of this and has developed a new way. He has been practicing this alternative skill for 8 years and is now ready to share all the tricks with you. Clean double bead beads can be achieved in one sitting. Implosions or pre-made components can be pierced to become your bead core; heat can be sent into the bead-core via the tungsten to avoid overheating details on the surface. Come discover all the possibilities of this new method while filling in the voids in your personal technique list.

ask to sign up for the Liquid Core class with Beau Anderson

2013 feb fr tungston1

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Pendants, Buttons, Cabochons, and More

Pendants, Buttons, Cabochons, and More
at The BeadandButton Show
Beau Anderson
Fri. & Sat. June 6 & 7 • Fri: 8:30am-4:00pm; Sat: 9:00am-5:00pm (with breaks)

Students will Learn: A wide range of dot work, stringer work, twisted cane, clear casing complex details, implosions, geometric murrine, and much more. We are going to get off-mandrel, back on, and off again using Beau’s new Liquid Core mandrel.

Pendants, Buttons, Cabochons, and More

For more information Click the web address Below
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Liquid Core Kit 1

Here is a short video of a simple bead made with boro glass

Kit 1

PVC tube with screw top

3 different size tungsten mandrels

how to instructions

3 rods North star glass

and a little Extra inspiration


This little tube will hold a pound of glass and the only mandrel you will need to make fantastic beads on the go. No need to lug around the bead separator and all the labor that comes with it. Get a clean bead hole right off the bat and go Liquid core.

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Centrifugal Ether Disk on Tungsten

2013 feb fr tungstonimplode

This is a soft glass disk 4cm x 1.1cm 3mm perforation, made on tungsten. Please email me with your address if you buy this piece. Shipping to most places included in the price. From the time I receive your order it may take up to 3 weeks for the bead to arrive depending where on earth you live.

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Beads not Bullets Bracelet

The beads not bullets series is part of our effort to maintain more beads than bullets on Earth.

This bracelet is adjustable from 18-22.5cm with its silver chain. 17 soft glass beads with purple seed beads in-between and silver beads at each end. Please email me with your address if you buy this piece. Shipping to most places included in the price. From the time I receive your order it may take up to 3 weeks for the bead to arrive depending where on earth you live.

mantain more beads then bullets on earth

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clear glass over plungedflower
flower rondell 1″x 1″ Soft Glass , Plunging opaque glass thru clear glass , this design is one of my favs, telling the story of blooming from the center

From the time I receive your order it may take up to 3 weeks for the bead to arrive depending where on earth you live. Please email me with your address for each order. Normal insured shipping included in price.

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Arkansas Craft School

Soft Glass Sculpture


This workshop is intended for intermediate to advanced flame workers who wish to expand into the world of soft glass sculpture. Beau will demonstrate and guide students through specific techniques that allow for the building of separate forms, and then the combination of them into larger self standing sculptures. The process comes from an Italian tradition, by which the mass of molten glass is gathered and shaped by using knives , tweezers and other tools; all the while paying attention to proper heating and cooling. The flame advances progressively forward as the piece is built, making it possible to go larger than is typically done with torch work. Potential forms students may be creating include animals, trees, humans, birds, fish, flowers or other flowing images from nature. For more information and photos, go to

Beau Anderson was introduced to the torch by his mother, Sage, at the young age of seven. Although he has diverse interests, Beau’s focus within glass art has explored beadmaking and its history; as well as integrative multi-media projects. He has demonstrated and instructed the art of glass beadmaking throughout the Americas, both at a grassroots level and at such prestigious institutions as Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center and Pilchuck Glass School; as well as internationally in France, Germany, Denmark and Spain. Beau’s work has been published in Ornament magazine; as well as in Beads of Glass, Beading for the Soul and The History of Beads.

    Date: October 5 – 7,2012
Instructor: Beau Anderson
Location: Arkansas Craft School
Tuition: $450.00
Materials fee (due at check-in): TBA
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Arkansas Craft School

110 East Main Street

Mountain View, Arkansas 72560

ph: 1-870-269-8397


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It’s all about heat control

Working with Glass in the flame is all about heat control. From the first time you introduce glass into the flame your focus in on how to get this glass hot enough to move without making it explode all over (heat control). In fact every technique you learn is just another lesson on heat control. Even when you have mastered long lists of techniques you are still concentrating on heat control to combine them.

I always try to work with the glass rather then telling it what to do and I do this with heat control, gravity and very basic tools.