2017 workshops and shows schedule USA /Sage and Tom

2017 assortment sage and Tom,                            Jan 30th – Feb 4th Tuscon Gem and Min show Feb 11th 12th Scarab Glass Fresno California March 31st – April 2 International Society of Glass Bead Makers Gathering Las Vegas NV April 7th, 8th, 9th Arkansas Craft School AR Ozark Folk Festival Artisans and Music  Apir14th 15th Mountain View Arkansas                               May 5th,6th,7th Greek Food and culture Festival Little Rock Arkansas                                                        July 23rd Grand Opening Sweeney Collection Glorietta New Mexico,followed by                      July 24th -30th Workshops                       Glorietta   N.M.Sweeney Mini Conference September 15th-17th  MountainView                       Off The Beaten Path Studio Tour                                 October 12-14th  Bella Vista Arts Festival AR October 20,21Bean festival Mountain View Artisans on the Square also Oct 21                 Demonstration Arkansas craft School               Nov 10,11,12 Workshops Public Glassworks Kansas city Mo                                                              Nov 17,18,19 Workshops Arkansas Craft School   Dec 1-3 Christmas Show Case                           Downtown Little Rock Arkansas