Flameworking Techniques

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Stringers & Stringer work

Silver Foil cased

Silver reduction glass

Cased Stringer

Multiple colour Stringer

Cross hatching


4 point Feather

squiggly Feather

Furrowing & raking

Opposing rake

Side Shift

Spiral feather

Feathering Twisted cane

Z feather

Back Feather

Twisted Canes & Latticcino

Two Color Twisted Cane

Three Color & More Twisted Cane

Full Ribbon Twisted Cane

Half Ribbon Twisted Cane

Graduated or split fountain Twisted Cane

Lacey Latticcino

Applying the above

Rondelles and Disks from the above

Hollow Latticcino/Twisted Cane

Ribbed Leaf

Murrini or Pattern Cane

Rose Cane

Concentric Ring Cane

Eye murrini

Stars & other geometrics

Compound canes, such as faces

Moon & Stars

Fish or flowers

Lapidary & Cold Workingrsz_dsc_0625

Grinding then Polishing

Dotting and Stratification

Surface tension spread Dots

Pulled dots, i.e., ovals, eyes, square, etc

Twisted or spiraled Dots

Woven or fish scaled Dots

Masked or eclipsing Dots

Horned or stacked Dots

Stratified, i.e., zhou or warring states style Dots

Side glance, rosette Dots

Tiny dots, feathered tiny dots

plunged florals, i.e. trilliums,daffodil

Star of Bethlehem, Lilies, and other


Clear Casing

Cased flowers

Sheet casing

Coil casing

Full gather casing

Multilayer casing

Folded Beads

Triple Fold, double Fold

Long barrel Folds, Folded pendants

Off Mandrel Pendants or Buttons

Silver & Gold foils & leaf

Bend Beads

Bridge Beads

Multiple Bead Beads

Sculpturals & unique shapes









Vessels with Handles

Tungsten Pick Drilled hot holes

Other Tungsten Tricks

Liquid Core

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