Murrine Cane

butterfly murrine cane by Beau Anderson
butterfly murrine cane by Beau Anderson 2012


pierced and clear cased rose murrine above by Sage 2013

Ancient Egyptian checker board Murrine below


face cane slices Egyptianscan0028

canes below are some from our own studio flame


this double strand of ancient Roman geometric cane beads is from Parapamiso in Venice Italy



Face Cane Roman Lady contemporary ,Sage 2001

Face Cane Roman Lady
Murrine are small slices of larger rods that are made either in the torch , kiln and furnace,The side section of the canes have the image of a picture,hence the name pictorial cane, they can also be geometric in nature, as in geometric cane murrine, ,Ancient Roman or Egyptian canes have been inspiring contemporary glass workers to continue this challenging pursuit.

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