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Silver Star Arrow Head Tom Holland


super complex dot sampler 2008 Beau Anderson

As the Summer bursts with blooms,so does our 2017 collection, We hope you find our website informative and easy to navigate. Soft glass lampworking has been our passion for  over 2 decades. The realm of expanding potential after infinite research and development remains a driving force.  We are always discovering skills from our cross pollination and brain share in the nurturing family dynamics,even though we live far from each other.  We attempt to make each bead, memory ash talisman, jewel, pendant or sculpture in a positive consciousness.  Beau Anderson, Vanessa Bunet, Sage and Tom Holland are a family contributing to the International Glass Bead Making and Soft Glass Sculpture movement. We strive to offer the highest quality work for designers, collectors or wearers of glass art.


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