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Liquid Core technique classes and tool.

2013 feb fr tungstonimplode1

Beau Tungston Disk

In this class we will be making beads on tungsten instead of on a mandrel with bead release. Beau Anderson will teach a new way to achieve highly detailed disks without the looming problem of the bead release breaking free. Beau has seen and felt the limitations of this and has developed a new way. He has been practicing this alternative skill for 8 years and is now ready to share all the tricks with you. Clean double bead beads can be achieved in one sitting. Implosions or pre-made components can be pierced to become your bead core; heat can be sent into the bead-core via the tungsten to avoid overheating details on the surface. Come discover all the possibilities of this new method while filling in the voids in your personal technique list.

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2013 feb fr tungston1